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"My attorney was Avery Crossman (and will be if needed) her legal skills were appropriately used in my case; I admire her because she's honest, and always told me the truth, and she always discusses everything with me before making decisions. I would recommend her to a family member, friend, or co-worker because she's honest, responsible and very professional. Her ethic is excellent! I'm very, very satisfied with the legal service she provided me, and very happy everything was addressed appropriately."

Doris, Las Vegas

"I became involved with The Crossman Offices in about 1995. Avery Crossman was my lawyer. She was the best person to handle my case. I was treated with the most respect of any lawyer I have had any dealings with. Avery made me feel as though I was more than a client. The bottom line is if anyone requires an attorney...it would be my recommendation to have the Crossman Law Offices represent them in their case. Avery Crossman is #1 in my book."

Chuck C., Phoenix, Arizona

"I would most definitely recommend Avery as legal counsel:
1. Very professional
2. Prompt
(a) answering my phone calls
(b) meetings
(c) keeping me updated on the process
3. Sincere--cares about ME
4. Does NOT give up on an unfavorable ruling--fights for you!
5. Treats me as if I was the only client
6. Made the process easy
7. Tells me what to expect--so no surprises
8. Thorough--investigation--collects all necessary docs--made the job easier on me
9. Timely correspondence by mail and phone to me
10. Genuinely an all around nice person personable and friendly

Best of all, I trusted Avery from the minute I asked to be represented!"

Missy C., Maricopa, Arizona

"My personal opinion is Awesome!! As Avery Crossman handled my case I always felt she was in my corner. She made herself available no matter what my concerns were. She never gave up and never compromised her integrity. She was always straight shot with me about everything. She jumped on anything that was sent to her office, when the other attorneys sent some paper work. She took on my case as if she personally felt my injustice herself. Her compassion and understanding always encouraged me. Her fees were fair she put many of hours in on my case, much more than what was expected, I felt she deserved more, but she would not accept the increase. She is a person of her word. When Avery was on a trip, her father Harlan Crossman jumped on the situation and filed the necessary papers. They are a great team. Like I said, they are Awesome."

Michelle F., Chandler, Arizona

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