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Job Injury Report and the Duty of Your Employer

Many people believe that once they tell their boss or supervisor about their on-the-job injury, that they have done everything they needed to do to get the help them need. That is not correct. While the law requires that you report your injury to the employer, it is also your duty to make sure the worker's report of injury is filed with the Industrial Commission of Arizona.

The Industrial Commission is the regulating agency for workers' compensation matters. Your claim must be filed with them. Sometimes, the job injury report gets reported to the owner, and the owner tells their insurance company, and the insurance company does nothing.

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Our Attorneys Are Knowledgeable, Client-Friendly and Professional

At Crossman Law Offices, P.C., our attorneys are board certified workers' compensation specialists in Arizona, a designation earned only by a handful of Arizona attorneys who have demonstrated their ethical, knowledgeable and client-friendly approach to workers' compensation law time and again over the course of years.

We can help you understand and exercise your rights and strategize a road map to overcome hurdles in your workers' compensation matter. We can help you find out if your claim has been properly filed and help you seek answers about how long you will have to wait to get an answer about your claim.

We Can Make Sure Your Claim Is Reported

Sometimes, supervisors don't report an injury because they do not want to look bad or are worried that the insurance premiums may rise. You must make sure your claim gets to the Industrial Commission because there are time-deadlines. If you miss certain deadlines, you will never be able to file your workman's comp claim.

Our lawyers can guide you through the workers' comp and job injury report process. In just a short amount of time during a free phone consultation, we can help you evaluate your circumstances and guide you in the right direction.

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Unfortunately, employers are not always as loyal to their employees as they may have been in the past. The economy is tough and the employers are looking for ways to cut costs. Call our attorneys so you can know what's right and what's not. For a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION call 888-841-1197, or e-mail our office to schedule an appointment.

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