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Work Injuries

Workers' Compensation Court is separate from and different than regular court. Your lawyer should understand not only the types of injuries covered under workman's compensation law, but also how to navigate the complex system.

At Crossman Law Offices, P.C., our attorneys are Certified Workers' Compensation Specialists in Arizona. We thoroughly understand the procedures, rules and laws of the Arizona Industrial Commission, and can effectively map our way through the hearing procedures to obtain the maximum compensation for your work injury.

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Assistance After Your Work Injuries in Arizona

Regardless of who was to blame for the injury - even if self-inflicted - an injured worker may be entitled to compensation.

A workers' compensation injury is any injury or illness that occurs on the job. It can be a temporary or permanent injury, and may include:

Injuries can be the result of:

If your spouse was killed on the job, you may be entitled to death benefits.

Workers' comp law takes the worker as it finds him. That is, if you were hired with a bad knee and something happens on the job that makes your pre-existing condition worse, that worsened condition constitutes a new knee injury. You are entitled to file a workers' compensation claim for compensation for your new injury.

Workman's compensation covers any injury that you have, not only those that are listed in your insurance policy. There are "scheduled injuries" and "unscheduled injuries." Some pay you for life and some do not. An experienced attorney can decide which is better for you and can help to evaluate whether or not you are entitled to lifetime checks.

If you miss a filing deadline, you are forever barred from filing a workers' compensation injury claim. If the claim is filed properly and the injury is covered however, you are protected for the rest of your life.

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If you were hurt on the job and wonder if you have a work comp claim, we can help you get answers. Contact our Arizona workers' compensation attorneys to discuss your potential injury claim.

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