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Loss of Earning Capacity

Under Arizona law, the workers' compensation carrier has to pay you for part of your lost wages due to the industrial injury. This includes while you are treating for the industrial injury, and even once you have been declared permanent and stationary.

At Crossman Law Offices, P.C., we have practiced only Arizona workers' compensation law for 65 years combined. Our Phoenix workers' compensation lawyers are certified by the State Bar of Arizona as Workers' Compensation Specialists. We can help if you have suffered a loss of earning capacity.

We do not have paralegals. You will work directly with a work injury lawyer Call us at 888-841-1197 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Guidance Through Your Loss of Earning Capacity in the Phoenix Area

If you have received a Loss of Earning Capacity Questionnaire, your right to receive a workers' compensation check for life is a real possibility. Now is the time to consult a workers' compensation lawyer. The Industrial Commission of Arizona will use your answers to the questionnaire to determine if you are entitled to lifetime money and how much.

Getting an Arizona workman's comp lawyer involved at this stage can be vital to your successful application. An attorney who specializes in Arizona workers' compensation law will know how to get you the most amount of money. The insurance company has probably already hired an expert and will attempt to pay you as little as possible.

The attorneys at Crossman Law Offices have been representing injured workers since 1972. We can quickly tell you what the future holds and get the evidence needed to fight for you. These types of cases are often heard by a judge. With such cases, you will need documents and witnesses to prove you have a loss of earning capacity. We know what evidence is needed and can help you navigate the workers' compensation process.

Many injured workers have pre-existing injuries. A lawyer who specializes in Arizona workers' compensation law will be able to determine how these injuries may affect compensation for lost earning capacity due to your current injury.

Contact Our Arizona Workplace Injury Lawyers Regarding Your Earning Capacity

The Maricopa County workers' compensation lawyers at Crossman Law Offices have the knowledge necessary to help you receive the maximum compensation available when you have lost earning capacity due to your work injury. We offer FREE PHONE CONSULTATIONS. We are available at your convenience to explain your rights and offer advice.

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