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Permanent Lost Wages

There may come a time when you receive a Notice of Permanent Disability and Request for Determination of Benefits form in the mail. If you receive this notice, most likely it is because the insurance company believes you have an unscheduled permanent disability due to your work incident. It is important to understand this notice does not mean that your insurance company is agreeing to pay you money. Talking to a workers' comp attorney at this stage can be critical to understanding your rights and options.

Notice of Permanent Disability and Your Request for a Determination of Benefits

If you would like to discuss how to apply for permanent lost wages in a workers' comp claim, Phoenix lawyers Harlan Crossman and Avery Crossman are here to help. Contact us at 888-841-1197 to schedule your FREE PHONE CONSULTATION.

Unscheduled Permanent Disabilities and Workers' Comp Claims

Injuries to certain parts of the body are called unscheduled and may provide an injured worker a check every month for the rest of the worker's life. If your injury is determined as permanent, making sure such injury is fully documented is vital. It is then equally important to ensure your case is properly handled and then closed. If you ever need to reopen the case in the future due to a flare up or other issue, the steps you take now can be vital.

Permanent Lost Wages and Other Losses

Most injuries, such as neck and back injuries, lead to losses including lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. There are two things to understand, however. First, Arizona's workers' compensation system only covers lost wages, so other emotional or financial losses are not covered. Second, before the insurance company determines whether you are entitled to permanent lost wages, it will hire a labor market expert to evaluate your situation. To give your claim the best chance at success, it is important to seek out an experienced workers' comp lawyer as soon as possible.

Contact a Phoenix Lawyer. Recover Lost Wages With Our Help.

To learn how you can recover permanent lost wages in a workers' comp claim, contact our workers' compensation law firm at 888-841-1197 for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION.

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