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Average Monthly Wage Calculation

Calculating Lost Wages in a Workers' Comp Case

The lost wages paid to you when you are hurt on the job depend upon how much you were earning at the time of your on the job injury. You are entitled to only part of your lost wages while a doctor has you off of work.

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Setting Your Average Monthly Wage

Once your "average monthly wage" is set by the Industrial Commission of Arizona, it is set forever. The insurance company will make a recommendation of an amount to the Industrial Commission claims department. The Industrial Commission will then send you a Notice of Average Monthly Wage that tells you how much you will get each month. Your temporary or permanent disability benefits will be based on this figure.

What The Insurance Company Does Not Tell You

You are entitled to have not just your wages considered when setting the average monthly wage. Our law firm, Crossman Law Offices, P.C., knows the right questions to ask to elicit answers that may impact the dollar amount that you receive each month. These are questions that the average worker could not possibly know to ask, such as:

  • Did you get room and board?
  • Did you get meal disbursement?

These are some of the important questions that a State Bar Board Certified Worker's Compensation Arizona Lawyer would know to ask.

Certified by the State Bar Arizona in Workers' Compensation Law

All of our attorneys have been certified by the State Bar of Arizona in Worker's Compensation. Only certain attorneys can call themselves specialists. This means we have an uncommon level of experience and have earned the respect of our clients as well as our peers, including those on the opposing side, and judges.

Don't Let Deadlines Pass Without Talking to a Lawyer

You have a limited number of days to protest the average monthly wage notice calculation and then it is set forever. Your future benefits will be affected if you don't request a hearing in time.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

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