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Industrial Commission Hearings

If you received a Notice of Hearing, you will be appearing before an Administrative Law Judge to have your right to work comp benefits addressed. Industrial injury law is fast-moving and detail-oriented. Hiring an attorney that knows how to deal with the workman's comp system, the SCF Arizona and the Industrial Commission is vital.

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Guidance At Your Industrial Commission Hearing from Experienced Lawyers

A hearing before the Industrial Commission is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. The Arizona work comp insurance company will have an attorney. That attorney will present evidence and cross-examine medical witnesses. Having a Certified Workers Compensation attorney on your side is essential.

You may receive litigation documents from the other attorney that require specific knowledge of the work injury law. These may include: Interrogatories, Notice of Deposition, Notice of Independent Medical Examination, Affidavit for Request for Change of Administrative Law Judge, and subpoena requests.

The hearing will be held in several stages. Each stage requires knowledge of not only evidence, but the rules of evidence that are specific to the Industrial Commission alone. Each stage of the litigation process will usually require a round of hearings.

The issues to be determined include the right to:

  • Permanent benefits or temporary benefits
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Payment of medical bills
  • Claim denials
  • Entitlement to death benefits

At the Industrial Commission, there are strict time lines for submitting documents into evidence, requesting subpoenas, and preserving your case for appeal.

Consult With Our Knowledgeable Phoenix Attorneys

If your doctor says you can't work because of your work injury but the insurance company has ended or is denying you workers comp or lost wages, contact Crossman Law Offices, P.C. for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with an experienced work comp attorney. We can discuss your case and even look at your file to see if we can help. Don't go to a hearing alone. We charge no fee for discussing your case. Isn't your life worth a phone call?

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