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Independent Medical Exam Notice

Did You Receive an Independent Medical Exam Notice?

Arizona law permits the employer or worker's compensation insurance carrier to have employees hurt on the job be seen by a doctor of their choosing. A doctor of your employer's insurer's choosing does not necessarily mean the doctor you have chosen or have already been seen by. Be aware that the company doctor may not be deciding things in your best interest and it is wise to seek experienced guidance about this sort of doctor visit.

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At Crossman Law Offices, P.C., in Phoenix, Arizona, we are a father-and-daughter law team on your side. We charge no fee for discussing your potential case and can help you understand what an Independent Medical Exam is all about.

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By law, company insurers must give you adequate notice and pay reasonable expenses associated with seeing company doctors. In many cases, before the insurance company agrees to authorize your treatment, they require you to go to an independent medical exam (sometimes called a workers compensation exam) or an IME.

A Second Opinion That Hurts You

While the IME is technically a second opinion, it can drastically affect your workman's compensation case. Once the insurance company has a doctor on their side, they can stop your checks and medical treatment. This is true even if you only saw their doctor once. This is even true if your long-time treating doctor disagrees.

Did Things Change After Your Visit With the Company Doctor?

If things have changed in your case after an IME, call the Crossman Law Offices for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION: 888-841-1197. You can get a copy of the IME report. We can evaluate your situation and tell you which way to go after we have read the IME report. You do not have to accept their doctors' opinion. You can go to the Industrial Commission of Arizona and let a judge decide whether your doctor or the IME doctor is right.

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We can protest your case status. We can file papers requesting a hearing with a judge looking at the evidence independently. An independent medical exam could be the end of the line for your case. Call our attorneys and let us look at the evidence. Our attorneys have cross-examined hundreds of IME doctors. Take advantage of our experience - don't let the insurance company close your case without contacting us.

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